About us

We are all try to learn something, so finding easy way and short time. Such prefer to learning through E-learning. We proudly introduce the well experience people in the education field (learning, training and teaching) staff member with starts this E-learning business. This application process and provide such as web-based learning and gamming. Our Product to provide the knowledge through online and offline like internet and intranet.

SEM (school e-media) provides educational solutions for all students and teachers, our product made with well experience teachers, various level student interaction, engineers, scientists and stuffed software people, ends we got this SEM high quality products. SEM providing all types of solution for the e-learning products.

All kind of people using this product just enter with login ID with Password. We understood children notable to create it but we are not able to get student remarks and tuff to identified the top students , so we provide separate different login types are introduced more details conduct us.

SEM determines to know the power of student listening /reading/writing /communication in the class room. Parents and teacher are provided the internet or intranet to the children with our products, we are interaction for all subjects and routinely generate the progress in his profile.

SEM offers the product function with all kinds of operating system (OS and TV). School E-Media offers free training for teachers /parents /kids and carry out the student contest for every month and identified student's topper with special surprise gifts.